Effects of Agricultural Land Management on Watersheds

Drive through rural United States and watch miles and miles of managed land roll by. Idaho, specifically, leads the country in beef and potato production, as well as barley and sugarbeets. Farmers in Idaho also use the land to grow several other crops, the combined effects of which can be devastating to Idaho’s watersheds.    […]

How the Ski Industry Impacts Natural Watersheds

Skiing is one of Idaho’s most popular winter activities, but the sport has a palpable impact on the state’s natural watersheds. Researchers have yet to study Idaho-specific resorts and watersheds, but two seminal studies—one in New Mexico, the other in Vermont—work to unpack the potentially devastating effect the ski industry can have on watersheds. To […]

Wildfires Can Have Devastating Impacts on a Watershed

Fires are continuing to blaze across the Western United States at terrifying speeds and intensities. Though the majority of the devastation is confined to coastal states like California, larger fires are spreading into places like Colorado and Idaho. Recently, in August of 2018, a wildfire raged across Idaho, causing the National Weather Service to issue […]

Rapid Water Shed Assessments in Idaho

Idaho has a lot of natural resources, and protecting those resources, you’ll find that there are scientists conducting studies throughout the states. If you’re not familiar with what a water shed is, the following will help explain a few things about them, and why they are so important to the water quality in the state. […]

Stream Protection Zones in Idaho

Idaho has a great deal of natural resources, including clean water. There’s a great deal of water that flows through lakes, streams, and more. You’ll find that within the confines of the state, there are water sheds and stream protection areas. You may find that stream protection zones in the state of Idaho. These are […]

Water Sheds and Water Quality in Idaho

Idaho is a state of great natural resources. One of the things that you’ll find to be true about the state is that there’s a great deal of water sheds, and they create incredible water quality throughout. There are no less than 92 water sheds in the state, and many of them will give you […]

New Elements With Idaho Water Sheds

The month of September was big for Idaho water sheds. You’ll find that there was a great deal of progress done to help with tracing and mapping Idaho’s Kootenai River. This is a solution that has been garnering some attention and support from the Department of Fish and Game as well as the Kootenai Tribe […]